Andrew began his career in 1996 as a runner at London's Matrix Recording Studios. He quickly progressed to become an assistant engineer and in-house engineer, recording and mixing bands such as Idlewild and Prolapse.

In 1999 he moved on to Whitfield Street/Sony Music Studios, starting again as an assistant engineer – this time on a wider range of sessions: orchestral, classical, film scores, rock and pop. During this period he began developing his Pro Tools skills.

Going freelance in 2003, he was contacted by the singer Sade (after assisting on the mixing of the Lovers Live album in 2001), saying she needed an engineer/programmer to work with on a writing project. He worked with the singer for six years, and gained writing credits on the songs Babyfather and Long Hard Road from her Soldier of Love album (2010).

He now teaches music technology and sound engineering at Islington Music Workshop and Ravensbourne, and is completing an MSc in Music and Sound Technology at University of Hertfordshire.